Acqua Therepé

Transform your pool into a luxurious mineral bath. Specially blended minerals are designed to soften your pool and spa water, for a swimming or bathing experience like no other. Swimmers can absorb up to 500ml of water in an hour of pool use so the unique blend of Acqua Therepé can provide health benefits for the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system.

Suitable for most salt chlorinators, Acqua Therepé is easily dissolved into the pool water and its ingredients help prevent staining and assist in preventing calcium and scale build up in the salt chlorinator cell, heaters, pool interior and other equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Mineral wellbeing for your pool and spa
  • Softens water for a silky smooth swimming experience
  • Inhibits scale, staining and calcium build up
  • Luxuriate in a mineral spa in your own backyard

Acqua Therepé replaces conventional pool salt and is best added to your pool when first installed or filled however, can simply be progressively added to the pool as a pool salt replacement.  Over time, as Acqua Therepé replaces conventional salt, your skin will feel softer and rejuvenated. Hair is less tangled after swimming and eyes are soothed when Acqua Therepé is added in the  recommended quantity.

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